by Benedikt Schatz, March 2020

Fertile for many, here money grows on trees
Frightful for many, the search for space
Hope is queuing up at barriers in front of the club
But one can only enter with the right friends
There is no space for dreamers in this closed society

I mirror myself in your facade, here I am never alone
Loneliness is an illusion, even in my own home
I hear my neighbour screaming from next-door
One should be a student, you know: like in the good old days?
No room was too small for us
But now, I am ten years smarter and to fine for this shithole

I feel an urge to go out to the streets
At night one can’t catch the slightest bit of noise
It feels like a small piece of a dream which many in the city have
In a shop’s window me and your shadow are mirroring
I am never alone here, loneliness is an illusion!

And still I’ll stay in my city full of dreams
Only here I can find the right friends, find the right spaces!
My city,
fertile for many – no, we don’t need barriers
frightful for many – my reason to dream!