new podcast online

Season 2: Special „Who’s Architecture“, Episode 1: „Skateboarder“  by Hans Richter

SEPTEMBRE 16, 2021

Extension Burnout - Crisis as Opportunity

lockdown extended – call for contents extended

Since the lockdown extension in Germany slowed down life, we extend our Call for Content, too, and hope for creative ideas until March 31st, 2021.

.14 January 2021

Burnout - Crisis as Opportunity

new call for content for the second edition of our podcast series

Submit your ideas to our new call for content! What are your thoughts on burnout and crisis in the city, in the architectural practice, in space and the planet…

.04 DECEMBER 2020

new podcast online

Season 1, Episode 7: “Social Machinery: What is the new ritual space for the 21st century in havana?” by Kassandra Koutsoftas and Pia Nürnberger

11 november 2020

FOAM-network live

Second live event of the new podcast platform

Season 1 „From Underdogs to Schickeria. The Right to the City.“
Today with „die städtischen“ und „bushbash“, two activist movements of Munich.

24 June 2020

FOAM Editorial

OPEN DIGITAL meeting every Wednesday 7pm in Microsoft-Teams

Join us! Just send us a short eMail and we will invite you to the meeting.

.03 April 2020

From Underdogs to Schickeria:
The Right to the City

CALL FOR CONTENT for the first edition of the podcast series!

Submit your text, sound…content now!

.02 February 2020

FOAM Editorial

OPEN meeting every Wednesday 6:30pm in Room 340B, TUM

.02 February 2020